Educational Services

Our after school and weekend educational support program will offer services to children between 3rd and 12th grade in all core subject areas. In addition, we offer support to children in developing strong executive function skills needed for solid classroom performance. This program offers support to struggling, gifted or any student wanting extra help performing […]

Evaluations and Assessments

Assessments and evaluations are an essential part of our evidence-based practices. We translate the information gathered through clinical interviewing, psychoeducational or neurological testing, and observations, into practical recommendations and interventions for home, school, and therapy settings. Families and schools often request testing to gain a better understanding of a child’s strengths, challenges, and overall functioning. Psychoeducational […]

Evidence-based Interventions

Members of the Under One Roof team engage in utilizing best practices such as evidence-based approaches and treatments when providing care. This includes regularly meeting and consulting with other highly-trained clinicians, pursuing quality continuing education, coordinating care and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, tailoring treatment to individual families’ needs, and monitoring progress of treatment goals. Our […]