Ronnie Cunningham

Ronnie Cunningham PhD


I approach therapy and all of the services I provide with compassion and the belief that people who need help are genuinely doing the best they know how to solve the problems they have.

In these situations things have become so bad at home, in school, with friends or in some other important area of life that the person can longer cope using their old methods. Often, they need professional help identifying the cause of the problem and more importantly the factors that keep it in place as much as they need help with solutions. When people lack the healthy tools needed to address the psychological and emotional toll such challenges have taken on their lives I help them to find acceptance of self while at the same time teach them to address and change the parts of their lives that have become too difficult. Using evidence-based approaches to identify and address problem solving I work within a scientific framework to offer help across a variety of life circumstances.

I typically work with children, adolescents & young adults between 5 and 25 around the following life difficulties.

  • Academic & learning difficulties due to disabilities
  • Attention deficit disorders, executive function difficulties, conduct & oppositional difficulties
  • Depression, anxiety, trauma, perfectionism & anger or rage
  • Severe suicidal ideation, suicide attempts & self-harmful behaviors

Insurance: Does not participate with insurances


I am well involved in many educational and psychological communities in and around the Seattle area. This gives me access to a wealth of professional knowledge, experience and support when providing services to children and families.

I have more than 20 years of experience as an educator and psychologist working with children, families and professional staffs from a wide range of institutions from non-profits to university settings, schools, clinics and other private organizations.


  • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Washington, 2005
  • Masters of Education - University of Washington, 2000
  • Bachelor's Degree - Occidental College, 1990


  • Teaching Associate & Director of EdS Internships University of Washington
  • Educational Psychologist - Rainier Scholars
  • School Psychologist - Edmonds School District 15


  • National Association of School Psychologists
  • Washington State Association of School Psychologists