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Your provider will meet with you to discuss your current concerns and past history in order to gain enough insight to begin developing a initial treatment plan. The first appointment is 90 minutes long.
If your provider participates with your insurance they will submit claims directly for services. However, most providers at Under One Roof Psychological services are not contracted with insurance and will not submit claims to your insurance. In those cases you will be expected to pay at the time of service and seek reimbursement from your insurance company. We are happy to provide any documentation you ask for in order to assist you with the process. Please check with your individual provider to see if he/she accepts any insurance.
Time commitment varies based upon an individuals needs. Ongoing therapy usually starts with weekly visits to establish a rapport with your therapist and can taper down on frequency as progress is made. Medication Management is dependent upon the success an individual has with the prescribed medication. Once established with the correct prescription a client can expect to come in for a check in once ever 3 months.
If you are coming in for a full evaluation you can expect a minimum of 3 appointments: an initial intake appointment, the testing appointment (either a six hour appointment or 2 shorter appointments) and a follow up visit to go over the results.