Evaluations and Assessments

Assessments and evaluations are an essential part of our evidence-based practices. We translate the information gathered through clinical interviewing, psychoeducational or neurological testing, and observations, into practical recommendations and interventions for home, school, and therapy settings. Families and schools often request testing to gain a better understanding of a child’s strengths, challenges, and overall functioning.

Psychoeducational testing refers to the psychological tests used to analyze the mental processes underlying your child’s educational performance such as:

  • cognitive ability
  • memory
  • attention
  • behavior, social and emotional functioning
  • academic functioning
  • other executive functions

Neuropsychological assessment is designed to provide insight into how a child:

  • problem solves
  • retains short and long term information
  • uses and understands language
  • processes information both visually and orally
  • exercises cognitive flexibility