Rates and Policies

Not all Under One Roof Providers accept insurance. Please check with your individual provider prior to scheduling.

Payment is due at the time the service is provided. Prior to the first session, please check with your insurance company to establish your eligibility, cost share (in or out of network), visit limits and pre-authorization requirements. If your insurance company refuses to pay for services rendered, you are responsible for providing payment in full


  1. Initial 90-minute intake appointment with one of our Psychologists is $250. This fee includes time spent in the initial interview, reviewing records, and phone calls to physicians or others involved in treatment.
  2. Therapy: 53-minute session with the remaining time dedicated to recording notes from the session
    • Charles Anstett – $225
    • Kara Mochan – $300
    • Lionel Enns $180
    • Ronald Cunningham $175
    • Sharon Xie $160
    • Stephen Delaney $215
  3. Reports, Evaluations and Assessments our hourly rate for the administration, scoring, interpretation of results and report writing is $200/hour.
  4. Consultative Services IEP meetings, consult with other professionals, records review, etc. are charged at each provider’s individual rate noted in bullet point II.
  5. Travel time to attend meetings outside the Under One Roof offices are charged at each provider’s individual rate noted in bullet point II/
  6. Legal Services when required are the patient’s financial responsibility. Services required if your provider is compelled to testify or produce documents by a third party. Due to the complex nature of legal matters, we charge $500/hour for preparation, travel time and attendance at legal proceedings. Additional charges for mileage are reimbursed at the federal.
  7. Sessions going over 53-minutes will be charged an extended session fee pro-rated per 15-minute increment of your providers hourly rate. Insurance companies no longer cover extended sessions, so these require private payment.
  8. Prescription Outside of Appointment: $50

Cancellations and missed appointments any changes or cancellations to appointments must be made by phone or email with at least a 24-hour notice. You can expect to be charged the full fee for that appointment if adequate notice is not giving. Insurance companies do not pay for missed or cancelled appointments and you will be required to pay this fee before your next scheduled appointment.  We also reserve the right to terminate care for repeated late cancellation and missed appointments that interfere with continuity of care and designated treatment plan.

Payment of Services

We accept cash, checks, HSA Cards, Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards with automatic payment on the date of sessions.  All visits are billed either on the day of the visit, or within a week of the visit. There will be a $35 charge for each returned check. Accounts not paid in full will incur a monthly finance charge of 3% on unpaid balances after 30 days.


Based on new information from recent HIPAA guidelines, we are including the following information about the use of cell phones and emails. Please know that we take every precaution to be careful with our cell phones and computers. However, it is important for you to know the potential risks involved with confidentiality when using these devices. We cannot ensure the confidentiality of any form of communication through electronic media, including text messages. We suggest that you do not use these methods of communication to discuss therapeutic content and/or request assistance for emergencies. If you do send me an email with clinical content, I cannot be responsible for the confidentiality of the material shared. Any email we receive from you, and any responses sent to you, will be considered part of your treatment record. It should be noted that our cell phones are both encrypted and protected by thumbprint access.