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Resource Guide – the resources provided are for your convenience and not to be considered as a recommendation from Under One Roof Psychological Services

Alternative Educational Placement – These are schools that provide an adjusted learning environment such smaller class sizes, behavioral supports, etc.

Advocacy, Attorneys, and Associations –  are dedicated to raising public awareness and support for the community. They can provide a variety of resources and networks to families.

ABA Providers – BCBA’s are trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis and will help define the strengths and learning needs of your ASD child, then identify procedures to help them obtain new skills.

Medication Prescriber – Psychiatrists, ARNP’s that can administer and manage medication needs

Occupational Therapists– Occupational Therapists help ASD children improve their basic motor function and reasoning ability to better perform daily tasks. They often employ adaptive technology.

Psychologists – Psychologists are mental health providers who evaluate behavior and provide ongoing therapeutic support

Speech and Language Pathologists – Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) work to diagnose and treat communication disorders that sometimes accompany an ASD diagnosis.

Social Skills Group – These groups work to develop the social skills of children, often using guided group play sessions.