Under One Roof Psychological Services offers educational tutoring services

Our after school and weekend educational support program will offer services to children between 3rd and 12th grade in all core subject areas. In addition, we offer support to children in developing strong executive function skills needed for solid classroom performance. This program offers support to struggling, gifted or any student wanting extra help performing to their academic peak.

Our instructors are primarily graduate level tutors who specialize in educational programming or that have majored in education. Not only do they understand core academic subjects, but they are also highly skilled in organizational and time management skills. Furthermore, they are highly capable to work with students experiencing academic and behavioral difficulties including but not limited to learning disabilities and ADHD.

Our methodology includes one on one tutoring tailored around each students’ individual needs. Tutors work to evaluate initial academic needs and build a tutoring plan that includes progress monitoring, consistent communication with parents, use of on line resources to track student progress in addition to traditional tutoring services.

• $75 per academic class session
• $75 per session or $150 weekly for Study Skills/ Executive functioning class

Areas of Study Available

• Math
• Reading
• Writing
• Literature
• Science
• History
• Study Skills
• Executive Functioning


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